The Indian Postman by Kanhaiya maheshwary

Immortalized umpteen number of times in Bollywood films, and mentioned in a score of Hindi songs, The Indian Postman is a prominent figure in the social fabric of our country. There have been various portrayals of the Indian Postman, and all of them have been pretty comical.
The Indian Postman is stereotypically jovial because he is supposed to socialize with everyone, right from the Postmaster in the Post Office to each and every household that he visits. While in larger towns, the postman is often limited to the task of just delivering posts, he assumes a greater role in smaller towns and villages. If you remember Nivaran Ji from Swades, you will realize the amount of work that they’ve to undertake, right from writing mails for the illiterate lot in the village, sending them across to other villages, sorting and delivering the received mails to each and every household, and even reading them out aloud to those who cannot read! Similar is the character of Mahadev from Welcome to Sajjanpur.


Ideas - Short Film by Juan Alcazar

'Ideas' is a short film made by Juan Alcazar (12209 Productions). He is an independent filmmaker, writer, producer, graduated from film school 'San Francisco State University'

" What happens to creative ideas that are abandoned? Do they lie dormant and alone, or are they as rich and alive as the ideas that get to see in the finished ... "

Watch his short film to find out what happens ;)


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